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Dunkin Donuts Trophy

Custom trophies for Dunkin Donuts' Awards Show

3D printed dunkin donut trophies
3d printed "go" word

Painted and Weighted

3D Printed trophies are lightweight and colorless. When Dunkin' reached out to us, they didn't just want a 3D printed trophy. They wanted a fully customized trophy that would reflect their brand and their mission.

With this in mind, we knew that this would require us to get our hands dirty and combine different techniques to achieve this very unique concept.

Technologies and services we used


  • 3D Printing

    For the 3D printing materials, we went with SOMOS Resin as this would give us a smooth finish compared to normal PLA.

  • UV Painting

    We assembled the parts and glued them together

  • Silk Printing On Metal

The Results

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