SLA 3D Printing Service

Get high resolution 3d prints in no time. From small figurines to large models, we got you covered.

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Why SLA 3d printing?

  • Smooth surface finish. Easy to paint or metal plate.
  • Ability to print complex and high-detailed parts.
  • No visible layer lines unlike FDM prints.
  • Large scale 3d printing is possible.
  • Material versatility. Different materials, different purposes.
  • High accuracy and precision.

Why PrintAWorld's SLA 3D printing service?

  • Get quality finishing without the mess. We do all the dirty work, from support cleaning, UV curing and even polishing.

  • Get expert help. SLA 3D printing is our bread and butter. We've worked on hundreds of SLA printing projects and we know how to get the best outcome for your project.

  • Get access to expensive industrial 3d printers. Desktop 3d printers are limited in print volume. With industrial 3d printers, you can 3d print large scale models or print multiple high-detailed parts in no time!

A 3d printed and painted audi car frameA 3d printed audi car frame
3D Printed

Use cases for SLA 3D printing

Rapid protoyping

Quickly build accurate and high resolution prototypes that doesn't suck.

Large Scale 3D printing

For projects such as architectural 3d printing, art fabrication and anything that are bigger than 2 ft.

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Complex 3d model printing

SLA printing technology frees you from the limits of FDM printing. Have a really complex 3d design? No problem! With SLA 3d printing, there's no limit to what you can make. Don't let technology hinder you from building your next big idea.

Available materials for SLA


Somos resin is an fast printing material that produces high quality parts with great details. The final finishing is outstanding and almost achieve the industry injection plastic quality. It is perfect for building end-use parts or prototypes for functional testing applications

Standard Resin

Fine details and the basic resin for modeling and prototyping. Sharp edges and smooth finish. Great for small and complex projects. Comes in multiple colors.

Tough resin

Tough Resin simulates the feel and many of the important mechanical properties of ABS plastic. Consider using this material for works-like prototypes and assemblies, including designs with snap fit joints and living hinges. For further finishing, Tough resin can also be machined once printed.

Castable Resin

A 20% wax-filled material for reliable casting with zero ash content and clean burnout.

High temperature resin


What is SLA 3d printing?

SLA is short for stereolithography. SLA is an additive manufacturing process that uses UV laser to cure liquid resin into hardened plastic. This 3d printing technology allows us to 3d print parts with precision and accuracy.

Are SLA prints strong?

It depends on the resin material. Most resin prints aren't known for their strength. Tough resin is what we suggest if you're looking to 3d print parts that need to be high resolution but also strong. If resolution is not an issue or if the design isn't that complex, then we suggest printing them in FDM.

How fast is SLA printing?

At PrintAWorld our industrial SLA printers can print massive parts in less than a day. It would take at least another day to cure and clean the parts before sending it out to our clients.

What type of SLA 3D Printer do you have?

We have the Formlabs 2 and Formlabs 3 at our disposal. We also use industrial printers such as the Union Tech Lite600HD and our very own PrintAWorld SLA-Pro 600.

Why don't you like FDM technology?

We started with FDM printers but we quickly outgrew them. We realized just how painful it is to clean each prints and, even then, the quality is still not what we want. It has its use but we just believe that stereolithography SLA printing technology is the obvious choice for most of the projects that we do.

Do you only offer SLA 3D printing?

SLA 3D Printing is part of the custom 3d printing services that we offer here at PrintAWorld. We offer different types of 3d printing technologies but we highly recommend SLA as it's the best solution for almost any project we've worked on.