Metal 3D Printing Service

Metal parts on demand. No signup required.

3d printed stainless steel metal objects

Why choose PrintAWorld's metal 3d printing services?

Fast turnaround

Metal 3d printing is significantly faster compared to CNC milling or other subtractive manufacturing methods.

Get expert help

From fixing your 3D file to recommending the best material. We got you covered.

High quality and high detailed

Our selective laser melting (SLM) machine can print complex geometries with ease.

Perfect for metal molds

3d printing metal is a great alternative for expensive mold making.

  • Highly customizeable
  • Low deformation
  • Rapid turnaround. No need for tooling

Capable of producing large volume

Our fleet of industrial SLM 3D printers has a build area of 250mm x 250mm x 300m. It's more accurate than common large SLM machines, resulting in higher quality 3d prints.

  • Print multiple parts at the same time
  • Can 3d print large metal objects
  • High-detailed 3d prints

Types of metals we can 3D print

Stainless Steel

Laser sintering stainless steel.

Some of our metal 3d printing portfolio


Ready to start your metal 3d printing project?


What type of metal 3d printing technology do you use?

We use SLM which stands for selective laser melting.

What is selective laser melting(SLM)?

Selective laser melting is another form of 3D printing technique similar to our SLA printing. As the name suggests, SLM uses high-powered laser to melt metallic powder into a solid homogenous mass.

If you're familiar with SLA, think of it as the same process but instead of the laser hardening a resin, it's hardening powder into solid metal.

How does metal 3d printing work?

Metal 3d printing works by selectively melting metallic powder with high-powered laser. Once melted, this fuses the powdered metal into its solid state. This process is also known as selective laser melting(SLM).

There's also another of metal 3d printing processes which is selective laser sintering(SLS), also sometimes called direct metal laser sintering(DMLS).

What types of metals can you 3D print?

You can 3D print stainless steel, die steel, titanum alloy, high temeperature alloy, copper alloy and aluminum. However, we currently offer 3d printed stainless steel.