Jewelry Design and Manufacturing Service

With our 3D Printing, 3D Modeling and Metal plating capabilities, we can make the most complex jewelry design that you can imagine.

Recent work

These are some of the projects that we helped our clients make.

How it works

Send us your file or idea
Receive a quote

You'll get an email or a call from us immediately so we can talk about the best way to accomplishing your jewelry idea

We Fabricate

Once the quote is approved, we will start fabricating your jewelry. We'll sketch out your design digitally, print them out in wax or castable resin, and then cast them into metal with our trusted partners.

Finishing & Polishing

As we also offer the metal plating service, it is no longer a hard thing to have different materials on your jewelry even if the inside is just normal bronze.


Do you offer CAM Services?

Yes. With our jewelry manufacturing solutions such as 3D Printing and Metal Plating, we can turn the jewelry designs into actual jewelry a well.

How long does it take to create a CAD file for jewelry?

It depends on the complexity of your idea. At PrintAWorld, we can build you a model from 2 days to a week.