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Our services

Creative Design

If you're starting from scratch and all you have is an idea, a sketch or an inspiration, we've got you covered. Our professional 3D Artist and Jewelry Designer will help you every step of the way.


If you're ready to produce your project, we can help you turn your digital models into physical products. If you're unsure which process fits your need, give us a call and we will guide you on choosing the right fabrication process.

Why choose PrintAWorld 3D Printing Services


We’re fast

We respond fast, and we build fast. Our industrial 3D Printers can handle 3D prints of any size. Whether it’s 3D printing a large scale objects or producing 1000 3D printed keychains, we can help you reach your deadlines without hurting your bottom line.


We collaborate

Not only are we experts at additive manufacturing, but we’re pretty good listeners as well. We opted not to automate our quoting system to increase face to face time with you so we can both guide each other on making your project a success.


We aim for quality

Getting a hiqh quality 3D print, model or even a scan is not easy. We spent countless of hours cleaning your project digitally and physically, to get it to a quality that you deserve.

Our Industries

From laser cut earrings to large 3D printed artworks, we can help you every step of the way.


Architectural models play an integral role for planning the larger project at hand. Any problems with structure, placement, and overall aesthetic can be easily seen after we 3D print a mockup model. For troubleshooting and thorough evaluations before the final structure is made, contact PrintAWorld.

Art Fabrication

We understand the intricacies and detailed eyes required to create beautiful museum quality art pieces and sculptures. Whether it be sketches/photos or rough clay models, our experienced staff can move your ideas into something tangible. At PrintAWorld, we offer speedy service for all your sculpture fabrications. Contact us for more information on how we can transform your art into reality.

Customized Trophies

Trophies are great commemorations of achievements across all industries. What better way to reward special clients than to take their crowning moments and etch it in stone (or in our case, 24k gold and black nickel)? At PrintAWorld, we can put those gorgeous trophies you see on award shows in your hands.

Industrial Design

Form follows function. But many questions arise when figuring out what that form looks like. Designing requires mastering a myriad of skills. Our staff at PrintAWorld has mastered those skills and designed successful, functional projects. You can trust PrintAWorld to abide by the “form follows function” principle and your specific needs.


Engineers are constantly modifying designs and improving products. 3D printing alone doesn’t always provide solutions to materials and even if it does, the strength will not be there. We understand that alternate techniques are necessary to achieve quality, functional pieces. Here at PrintAWorld, we offer a range of materials and solutions catered to the demands of an engineer.


Furniture has always been around. But as digital design has flourished, furniture is becoming more beautiful and is appearing in forms previously unimaginable. Traditional furniture makers rely on feeling and a keen eye, which can be tedious. Our 3D printing services can create conceptual furniture for demo purposes or for traditional furniture workers to mold and cast with higher accuracy and less hassle.


Whether small or large, one idea/product has the ability to change tomorrow. To get there, a prototype must be constructed to hash out all item and manufacturing bugs. Here at PrintAWorld, we work with you to accelerate the timeline towards an innovative and elegant product.

What our clients say

I had an emergency project and got it done at PrintAWorld. I appreciate their sense of urgency, attention to detail, and professional execution of 3D graphic/ printing. The team has superb graphic skills. Communication with them was super easy. I highly recommend PrintAWorld's service.

- Amanda L.

I'm a big fan of PrintAWorld. I've been 3d printing with them for almost a year now and really like their quality. I think it's different from other 3dprint places where you submit your file and go pick it up. This is more than that, they really care about your work and get in touch, tell you how your works gonna turn out or even edit the file for you! The quality really smooooth and look exactly like what I expected. Their service's great and I always get my models on time. Not to mention they reply your emails faster than your friends lol. Raymond Wang is really nice.

- Anita R.

I have been there many times to laser cut my materials for my projects. Definitely the Best place ever! The staff are very friendly, responsive and helpful. They provides quality service and supports. The laser cutting and 3D printing quality is excellent and you can get your stuff on time for sure!

- Ng S.

PrintAWorld does exceptional work. Great quality, quick turnaround times, and awesome customer service. PrintAWorld does an amazing job on exceeding expectations and delivering on requirements. Can't say enough about their work. Will definitely recommend using them.

- Richard M.

This is such a great place! Studio setup are so modern and artistic. I did laser cut in here. The outcome was really amazing. There are no burning mark at all even my material was fragile fabric. Such a pleasure to work with the team who are so professional and every time deliver the work on time. The 3D print out come also amazed me. The company not only have the high level of technological skill but also high level of art test.

- Yang L.

Our Offices

Please give us a call before visiting any of our offices.

Brooklyn Office

394 McGuinness Blvd #302, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Queens Office

74-12 88th St, Glendale, NY 11385