The Lab

These are the machines that power our service. We ❤️ them for their reliability and for keeping us sane from repairs and headaches that our old machines gave us. Some of them are fairly new such as the industrial SLA printers.

Union Tech LITE600HD

Industrial SLA 3D Printer

This machine can print up to 23.6 in x 23.6 in x 19.7 in (600 mm x 600mm x 500 mm). With a layer resolution of 0.05mm to 0.1mm and laser bean thickness 100um, this large scale 3D printer allows us to print with high accuracy with a lower chance of failure. This is our go to printer when it comes to 3D printing art sculptures, product prototypes, and more.

Printaworld SLA-Pro 600

Industrial SLA 3D Printer

Similar to the Union Tech machine, PrintAWorld SLA-Pro 600 has a build platform size of 600 mm x 600mm x 500 mm (23.6 in x 23.6 in x 19.7 in.). We load the machine with SOMOS Evolve 128 Durable Resin. This material is similar to ABS and is fire-retardant. And it can also produce large size parts that are accurate and are ready for finishing.

Asiga Pro 4k

Industrial DLP 3D Printer

The Asiga Pro 4k is a new addition to our growing lines of industrial 3d printers. It's open system material allows us to use any types of resin from different companies to match our current needs. From dental and all the way to designer toys. It's also blazingly fast. We can print a 1 foot object in under 2 hours. On top of that, the resulting print is extremely detailed. It's the perfect mix of speed, quality and printing size.

Formlabs Form 3 & Form 2

Desktop SLA 3D printers

We are also equipped with a group of Formlabs professional desktop 3D printers including the latest released Form 3 printer. The wide range of material choice gives us the options for fast prototyping and small scale production. Due to the limited printing size (145mm by 145mm by 185mm), we often use them for projects that require 1-day turnaround or special materials like wax, flexible material, tough material, etc.

High Resolution MSLA 3D Printers

With a 37um XY axis resolution, this 3D printer is perfect for jobs that require ultra fine details such as small figurines, jewelry and more.

EinScan Pro+ and EinScan Pro2x Plus

Professional 3D Scanners

The EinScan Pro series' flexibility, the ability to switch between handheld or fixed, have allowed us to 3D scan medium to large objects with pinpoint accuracy and precision. At a 0.05mm +0.3mm/m volumetric accuracy, we're able to scan objects up to their finest details.

Artec Space Spider

Professional 3D Scanner

The Artec Space Spider is a high-resolution 3D scanner perfect for scanning small or large objects with intricate design. This powerful scanner allows us to capture any objects that our clients bring us with accuracy and precision. We’ve scanned objects such as human hands, large sculptures, furniture, a tooth, and discontinued parts with little to no problem with this machine. It saves us a ton of time from doing post-processing work to clean up the 3D file.

Epilogue M2 Fusion 40

Laser Cutter

This industrial laser cutter can cut up to 40" by 28" wide. With a 75-watt power, we can up to 1/4" thick acrylic with no problem. The reliability and durability of this machine allows us to laser cut and engrave projects for 8 hours straight.

Large Size 3-axis CNC Router

CNC Router

The PRO60120 CNC machine kit provides an enormous work area that supports processing specialty sheet goods like full 5' x 10' Baltic Birch plywood, Aluminum, High Density Plastics, and 61" x 121" Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). We use this machine for projects that are beyond the capabilities of our laser cutter.

Mimaki JFX

UV Printer

The Mimaki JFX UV Printer is what we rely on for our UV Printing Services. It's reliable on works great for any flat surfaces. The artists that we work with care a lot about print color matching their original design, and the Mimaki UV printer delivers just that.