Large scale 3d printing service

For engineers, artists and architects who require high quality and massive 3d printed parts. We can 3D print parts up to 6 feet or even more.

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Why choose us?

Get high quality parts

Our SLA 3d printer can print high resolution parts that other large format printers can only dream of.

Get it fast

With our machines, manufacturing large parts is fast and efficient.

Get expert help

From ideation, design to production, we'll help you every step of the way.

From 3D printing to final finishing, we'll handle it.

Large format 3d printing that scales

Need a 10 ft sculpture? Or a stadium the size of your room? We can make it happen!

Manufacturing large models is our bread and butter. We operate multiple large format 3d printers with the build volume of 23.6 in x 23.6 in x 19.7 in (600 mm x 600mm x 500 mm).

So whether you just need prototypes or final productions, our large 3d printing services have you covered.

For models that are larger than our print volume, we slice and assemble these parts together into one massive object.

Applications for large format 3d printing

Architectural scale models

With 3d printing technology, building large architectural models has never been easy. Hit that pesky deadline and wow your clients with high detailed models.

Art sculpture fabrication

Traditional art fabrication methods are way too slow and it can put a limit to your work as an artist. With 3d printing, you can create complex artwork and the only limit is your imagination.

Check out our art fabrication service to learn more.

Event fabrication

Large format 3d printing has put brand activation and experiential marketing industry to a whole new level. Fabricating a 6ft replica of your client's product, no matter how complex, is now doable thanks to additive manufacturing.

Some of the large 3D printing work that we've done



Why should you hire large format 3d printing services?

A large format 3d printer can cost between $50,000 to $200,000. Maintenance and material cost also adds up. It's a huge investment and it carries a high amount of risk. Outsourcing your large-scale 3d printing needs can help you focus on your core business; saving you time, money and energy.

Is there a limit to the size that you can print?

There is a limit to the size that we can print BUT there is no limit to the size that we can build. We slice your file into multiple parts and assemble them after 3d printing. This make it possible for us to build large structures from 1000 mm up to whatever size you need.

Do you use ABS or PLA materials?

We do not, because FDM prints are terrible. For 3d printing at this size, FDM prints are unreliable. They have noticeable layer lines, and worse, they can lose their shape as they get heated.

We use SOMOS industrial resin which produces prints that have a very high resolution and a smooth surface. After assembly, we spend more time polishing your piece so it'll be ready for any post-processing you require such as painting and metal plating.

What do I need to get started?

If you have a 3d model or CAD file, that's perfect! If you just have an idea or sketch for now, then we can help with that as well. Send it over to us along with the dimensions and other important details. You can send your project information here or email us directly at

Do you offer shipping?

For large 3d prints, we usually ask our clients to send their preferred couriers to our studio for pickup.

What's your turnaround time?

Our standard time is 1-2 weeks. For more complex and larger projects, it could take 1-2 months. We're very flexible. If you need it rushed, as long it's reasonable, we can do it for you.