SLA 3D printing

Fast Turnaround and High Detailed 3D Printing Service

Whether you're an artist, designer or a maker, 3D printing can help you turn your idea into reality. At PrintAWorld, we use a variety of 3D printing methods such as SLA, SLS, FDM and more to achieve the highest quality results. With our years of experience, we are able to give our clients the best solution for their project. We are also capable of volume printing. For 1-Day Turnaround(select projects), we recommend sending us the file before 3 P.M. so we can have it ready the next day.

How it works

Select a material
3d printing materials

Pick a 3D Printing material that fits your project. If you're unsure, don't sweat it. We will guide you to the perfect solution!

Upload a 3D File
Screenshot of 3d printing file upload

Send us your.stl or .obj files. Don't have a file ready? We also provide a professional 3D modeling service..

Receive a quote
3d modeling invoice

You'll get an email and a call from us immediately so we can talk about the best and most affordable way to approach your project.

Pay and print
CAD model ready to be printed

Once the quote is approved we will start 3D printing your idea. We'll keep you updated and we'll make sure the result is exactly what you want or even more.

Shipping or pickup

We offer nationwide delivery or you can pick it up from our local studio.

Recent work

These are some of the 3d printing projects that we helped our clients make.



ABS Plastic (FDM Printing)

ABS Plastic is strong and durable material. They're ideal for prototyping and mechanical parts. However, FDM printing ABS is different from injection ABS plastic. The material is easily getting warpped with size goes up and lose accuracy. For large parts or require high-precision parts, please consider CNC milling ABS or printing in other materials.

Recommended printing size (150mm by 150mm by 150mm)

  • prototyping
  • mechanical parts
  • Plastic
  • Can be polished by acetone or other chemical solutions.

  • Tough

  • Higher melting point.

  • Easy warp.

  • low accuracy.

  • Hard to print once size goes bigger.


Standard Resin (1-2 day turnaround time)

Printing size: 145mm by 145mm by 175mm or 5.7" by 5.7" by 6.9"

Fine details and the basic resin for modeling and prototyping. Sharp edges and smooth finish. Great for small and complex projects. Comes in multiple colors.

  • prototyping
  • modeling
  • small batch manufacturing.
  • resin
  • smooth surface and details.

  • fast-turnaround.

  • post finishing friendly ( sanding, plating, painting etc)

  • affordable.

  • fragile.

  • not good for functional parts.

  • limited printing size.


Full-color sandstone

Sandstone material is a material good for presentation, figurines, or anything need color texture. Sandstone is fragile and not suited for functional parts and prefer be left there without frequently touches. If you

  • prototype
  • figurines
  • character design
  • other
  • Full color options

  • Fragile, not good for intricate models.

  • color will fade away after 1-2 year.



We don't print silicone. However, we can print the mold and cast out your design in silicone material. We have food safe silicone and it is ideal for prototypes for food industry.

  • optical equipment
  • automotive industry
  • respirator mask
  • hearing aids
  • wearables
  • other material
  • flexible.

  • can be softer than TPU.

  • food safe silicone.



Stainless Steel

Laser sintering stainless steel.

  • jewelry
  • art installation
  • awards
  • mechanical parts
No types provided.
No pros provided.
No cons provided.

Use Cases

  • 3d printed and fabricated art sculpture for Tiffany & Co.


    Artists have used 3D Printing as a way to quickly turn their concepts into reality. The traditional process would have required more time and resources for the artists especially if the artwork is complex. With 3D Printing, artists have not only found a feasible way to create, but to experiment and form art only possible through this technology. You can check some of the artwork our clients made here.

  • cigair


    Like artists, engineers and product designers need a way to create a quick prototype of their idea. At PrintAWorld, these professionals use our 3D Printing service as a cost-efficient solution. Adding our expertise in 3D Modeling, we’re able to assist them in creating a model that would make their fabrication a lot more precise.


Can you 3D Print large objects?

Yes, we have done jobs go to 6 feet tall

Can you 3D Print in color?

Yes, you have to send us the file with Color texture. Otherwise, it will be printed in solid color and get painted

How much does it cost to 3D Print?

The cost of a 3D Print varies on multiple things. The size of print, materials used and the labor hours used to clean up the print. You can send us a CAD file and we can give you a quote. If you don't have the CAD file, send us some pictures and we can try to have a rough estimation.

How long does it take to 3D Print?

It depends on the size of the 3D Object. The larger it is, the longer it takes to print. With our 3D printer farm, we can speed up the process and take us half the normal expected printing time. Also, different materials take different time to print. For higher resolution/details, it normally takes longer. The best way to have an estimation is to send us the files/pictures to review.

Can you 3D Print Metal?

Yes and no. We are able to 3D print steel. But for other types of metal such as gold, silver or copper, we 3D Print your model first and then metal plate it.

What files do I need to 3D Print?

We normally can convert all formats. However, we prefer OBJ, STL, STP, STEP, 3DM file,

Do you do delivery?

Normally we don't. Especially for big and expensive pieces, we would ask the client to provide a shipping service to guarantee the shipping safety.