Custom Vinyl & Resin Figure Prototyping and Production

We'll turn your designer toy idea into a limited edition resin figures.

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3D printed and gold plated designer toys

You’ve been a collector of vinyl toys your whole life

And you think it’s time to make your own designer art toy collectible. But you don't know where to start or even make your first prototype.

  • It can takes years to master the required skills.

    It's a lot of work to learn how to 3D model, sculpt, mold, cast, paint and choose just the right color. It takes time and dedication to develop these skills.

  • Your time is limited.

    You have a full-time job. You have your own ideas and hobbies to pursue. And your time is better spent on coming up with new toys ideas and marketing your toy to your fans.

  • Finding the right sculptor for a custom toy is difficult.

    You’ve looked on Google for toy designers but they don’t do custom ar toys. The ones on Fiverr are not good. The toy artists on Instagram didn’t respond to your DMs. And the leading toy brands won't even touch you unless you're a well-known artist.

What if there's an easy way to make custom vinyl toys?

  • 01.

    Send us your designs

    A sketch of your toy and a description of what it’s about. Whether that's a photo of another toy, inspiration piece or even the backstory of your character.

  • 02.

    We'll turn it from 2D to 3D

    Once we understand your vision, we’ll start digital sculpting your designs into it’s 3D version.

  • 03.

    3D print the protoype

    We use high-resolution resin to 3D print your toy.

  • 04.

    Paint it

    If you got the skills then we'll send you a blank or we can paint it for you.

  • 05.

    Small-run production

    If you're happy with the prototype, we can proceed to 3d printing a small run of resin toys.

Why choose 3D printed resin toys for your limited edition art figure?

Producing custom vinyl toys require a huge minimum order quantity plus an expensive mold fee. With our large scale 3D printing capabilities, we can 3D print high quality resin toys for you without investing five-figures when you're not even sure if your toy would sell. Although they are different from vinyl toys, these 3D printed blanks are perfect for creating limited edition toys to get you started.

3D printed quicks figurine

Some of the custom resin toys that we made for our clients


Want to convert your custom toy into a large version?

Say less. We can turn that 4" figurine into a 2ft sculpture. Maybe even more.

3d printed custom resin toy

Make your own toy collectible now!

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Do you make action figures?

No we do not. Action figures have different requirements such as moveable joints, etc. Our focus is in designer toys and art collectibles.

Is their a minimum order quantity?

For custom resin toys, we do not have a minimum order quantity.

For custom vinyl toys, 300 units.

Keep in mind that the lower the quantity, the more it will cost per unit.

How much does a custom resin toy cost?

It depends on the number of units, the size and the complexity of the custom figure.