Metal plated drone top view

Metal Plating Service

Recent work

These are some of the projects that we helped our clients make.

How it works

Bring your item
CAD File of a human holding a hammer

To get an idea of how much it costs, we need to see the item in person.

Receive a quote
3d modeling invoice

You'll receive our quote during our studio meeting or after we finish 3D printing a replica of your item.

We start fabricating
Fabrication of sculptures

Once everything is approved, we will start designing a replica of your item. We'll have it 3D printed for easier visual feedback. And metal plate it once you're satisfied.

Client feedback
Metal plated human sculpture in different poses

Once we're finished, we'll make sure that our work is up to your standards and we'll do any necessary revisions.


Do you do delivery?

Normally we don't. Especially for big and expensive pieces, we would ask the client to provide a shipping service to guarantee the shipping safety.

What is metal plating?

Metal Plating is the process of covering a material around with metal. At PrintAWorld, we use 3D Printing combined with Metal Plating to produce parts that could be functional or aesthatically pleasing. Metal plating a 3D printed part is very similar to metal plating a plastic. The only difference is that 3D Printing allows you to create more complex objects at a lower cost.