3D Scanning Service

Starting at $150

For artists, engineers, designers and hobbyists looking to build a fast and accurate 3D model of an existing object (or human).

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Recent work

These are some of the projects that we helped our clients make.

How it works

Give us an idea of what to 3D scan

Send us a picture of the object that you'd like to be 3D scanned. It will give us an idea if 3D scanning is right for your project.

Receive a quote
3d modeling invoice

After we get an idea of your project requirements, we'll send you a rough estimate of how much it costs. Our 3D Scanning fee starts at $150.

Send us the object to 3D Scan
object about to be 3d scanned

Once approved, you can mail us the object that you like to be scanned. If the object is too large or fragile for delivery, you can bring it to our Queens office and we'll take it from there. We can also send one of our technicians to you if necessary.

Start scanning
laser scanner scanning an object

After we have all the requirements including your object, we can start 3D scanning. It will take 2-3 days depending on the complexity of the project. We do multiple iterations and cleanup work to make sure that the 3D model matches the original.

See it live
replica of a 3d scanned object

Once the model is finished, you have the option to have it 3D printed. We can make it larger, smaller or true to scale --- whichever you want it.

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3D Scanning Service

Starting at $150*

What's included?

  • 3D Scanning
  • Post-processing
  • File cleanup
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Why you should consider 3D scanning your next project

  • Save on design time

    The scanner will scan a 3D object into the computer with ease. This allows engineers to not have to sit and draw out the original design for hours on end, which in the end, saves everyone time. And,time saved is money saved.

  • Faster Prototypes

    This latest technology gets people their 3D printed art faster. The faster the 3D printed art is made, the quicker it is to production and to the hands of the museums and galleries.

  • Scale your product however you like

    Do you want a much larger version of pre-existing object? With 3D scanning, every data point is saved including the measurements of your object. You can build a small model by hand, have it 3D scanned and we can 3D print it for you in any size you want.

  • High-Quality Control

    3D scanning is great for quality control. It has tight and accurate dimensions. It can even get the roughness and "imperfections" of your sculpture that will give ita more natural look. In 3D printing, the quality of what the machine is fed is important to get the desired results. The better the feed, the better the 3D printed art.

  • Ability to test if the components will fit

    3D printing service has been used for a long time to make prototype parts or 3D printed art. However, with the 3D scan, it is also easy to see if components will fit together without ever actually producing the replica.

  • Production ready

    The scanner is quick and very accurate. This makes it a great solution for the end of production quality checks. Pulling off a part for quality check has never been easier. The scanner can quickly and efficiently check every part or a sample of parts with ease. So, it can be used for prototypes in the 3D printed art project or used in the final product. 3D scans are great for both 3D printing service as well as production.

3D Scanning Applications

Artistic Furniture Replication

One of the most popular use cases that we get from our clients are hand-made furnitures that they want replicated or applied with a finishing such as metal. With 3D scanning, we can capture every detail of the furniture, including the correct measurements and the intricate designs that these furnitures usually have. To get it faithful to the original work, we include post-processing such as cleanup and a bit of 3D sculpturing with the guidance of our clients.

Credits to artist: Alex Roskin

  • Original Object

    6" mini foam hand cut model

    handmade artistic furniture made in foam
  • 3D Scanned

    And 3D modelled

    3D scan and 3d model of a designer furniture
  • 3D Printed / Final Piece

    Full size bronze chair with rose wood legs

    3d printed and metal plated furniture


How does 3D Scanning work?

At PrintAWorld, we use the latest 3D Scanning technology to scan your object to generate a digital version of it. Our team of designers would then clean this file to make sure it’s close to the original.

How long does the 3D scanning process take?

It might take a half an hour or a couple of days depending on the complexity of the object. If the object has a lot of intricate details then it might take longer.

How much does 3D scanning cost?

Our scanning fee starts at $150. It can go lower if the item has a simple shape. A more complex piece would cost more due to longer scanning and post-processing work

What can I use 3D Scanning for?

3D Scanning allows you to create a digital version of the object of that you want to get scanned. It’s a lot faster and more accurate than having it 3D modeled from scratch. This digital file can be used for 3D printing, modifications, manufacturing, digital visualization, and much more. You can check out some of the projects that our clients did here.