3D Printed And Designed Custom Trophies

We're a premiere custom trophy maker. For memorable brands that need memorable custom trophies and awards.

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Fast turnaround

On a tight a deadline? No problem! With our 3D printing and fabrication capabilities, we can make your trophies faster than traditional trophy makers. We can even make them in 2 days!*

Get expert help

We’ll help you every step of the way from the design to figuring out the best way to get your project done within budget and time.

High quality

Awards shouldn’t look cheap. At PrintAWorld, we pride ourselves in the quality of work. From the material that we use, the polishing and up to the painting & finishing.

Recent work

These are some of the custom trophy projects that we helped our clients make.

The Process

This is our normal workflow but if you need it done in 2 or 3 days, we can do it. (as long as it’s reasonable)


We can help you come up with a killer trophy. Or if you already have an idea in mind, we can help you figure out the best way to make it happen.

Design & Prototyping

This is where we test and show you the first iterations of your custom trophy.


Once everything is approved, we’ll start producing your trophies.

Note: If you already have a 3D model, we can start production right away once everything is approved.

Painting & Finishing

This is the longest part of the process because great things take time. Want to plate the trophy in 24k gold? Or need that exact pantone color? We can make that happen! Just give us a reasonable time.

Need it rushed? Give us a call or email and we'll respond right away.

Types of finishing

Metal Plating

If you want your award to feel and look elegant, we can metal plate your award.

Metal plating takes at least a few days or 1-2 weeks depending on the complexity of the trophy. So if you need it rushed, metal plating may not be a viable solution.



We don’t just 3D print your award using a colored material. Because let’s be honest, they look ugly and cheap. We polish your 3d printed trophy until its silky smooth and we can paint it however you like.

3D printed award with letters
The Challenge Award



The bread and butter of every 3D printed trophy here at PrintAWorld. Resin prints from our industrial SLA printer have a high-resolution and a smooth surface. So even if you’re design is complex, it would look good. This makes it perfect for differenty types of finishing.


We believe in using the right tool for the right job. And we feel the same about materials.

For designs that are flat, we often use laser cut acrylic as this is much faster and cheaper compared to 3D printing.


Do I need a design for my 3d printed award?

Not at all! If you already have a 3d design, that's great! We can work with that. If not, we'll work with you on building the 3d model of your trophy. If you need trophy ideas or inspiration, check out this article.

Are custom 3d printed trophies for me?

If you're looking for a cheap trophy, custom 3d printed trophy might not be for you. It's a whole process from creating a 3d model to 3d printing and painting and the cost may add up if you're on a tight budget.

But if you're a brand or an agency who is looking to wow your clients and awardees with a unique trophy, 3d printed trophies are perfect for you.

How much does a custom 3d printed trophy cost?

It varies from $85 per unit for a simple trophy to a couple of thousand dollars. The pricing depends on the number of units that you need, the type finishing and also if you need these trophies made in a really short amount of time.

How long does it take to build a 3D Model?

It varies on the complexity of the project. It can take 2-3 days for a simple piece and a couple of weeks for more complicated designs. It also depends on you as we iterate our design based on your feedback.

How long does it take to 3D Print?

At PrintAWorld, we can 3d print in 1-2 days. But it depends on the size of the 3D Object. The larger it is, the longer it takes to print. The volume prints also matter. With our 3D printer farm and industrial 3d printer, we can speed up the process and take us half the normal expected printing time.

Cleaning and polishing also adds production time. At PrintAWorld, every 3D print is cleaned and polished so you only get the best result every single time.

The best way to have an estimation is to send us the files/pictures to review.

What is metal plating?

Metal Plating is the process of covering a material around with metal. At PrintAWorld, we use 3D Printing combined with Metal Plating to produce parts that could be functional or aesthatically pleasing. Metal plating a 3D printed part is very similar to metal plating a plastic. The only difference is that 3D Printing allows you to create more complex objects at a lower cost.

Do you do delivery?

Normally we don't. Especially for big and expensive pieces, we would ask the client to provide a shipping service to guarantee the shipping safety.