On demand 3D printing service in Los Angeles

Get high quality 3D printed parts in Los Angeles.

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3D printed jaguar resin in  clear and white

What makes PrintAWorld different from the other Los Angeles 3d printing companies out there

Get high quality parts

Our SLA 3d printer can print high resolution parts that other large format printers can only dream of.

Fast turnaround

On a tight deadline? Need it over the weekend? We can help you get your 3d printing project done in no time.

Get expert help

From fixing your 3D file to recommending the best material. We got you covered.

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Some of the work we did for our clients in Los Angeles


How it works


Send us a few information

The material you need, quantities and a short description of your project. If you're unsure, don't sweat it. We will guide you to the perfect solution!


Upload a 3D File

Send us your. .stl, .obj or any 3d files. Don't have a CAD file ready? We also provide a professional 3D CAD services. Just send us your design and we'll handle the rest


Receive a quote

You'll get an email and a call from us immediately so we can talk about the best and most cost effective way to approach your project. No minimum order quantities!


Pay and print

Once the quote is approved we will start 3D printing your idea. We'll keep you updated and we'll make sure the result is exactly what you want or even more. No minimum orders.



We offer nationwide delivery.

3D printing technologies that we use

These 3D printing technologies are what powers our 3D printing process

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

We use Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) for low-cost and simple 3d printed parts. We don't use this process as much because we find the quality lacking and the amount of post processing work involved negates the money you save from low material cost. This is good for prototyping but for manufacturing end products, they might not be cost effective as there are better printing methods. If you want to produce low-cost end use parts at a large volume, injection molding might be a better solution.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Selective laser sintering is another great additive manufacturing technology for rapid prototyping. SLS allows us to 3d print objects in different materials such as nylon and metal at large volume without the need for supports. SLS greatly reduces the time spent for post-processing.

Stereolithography (SLA)

Stereolithography allows us to 3d print accurate and high resolution prototypes . We us this process to create functional prototypes that are highly detailed. We recommend SLA for almost any 3d printing projects because we believe it produces the highest quality prints.

Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF)

Multi Jet Fusion is what helps us 3d print end-use production in 24 hours.

How PrintAWorld's 3D printing services can help you

For agencies

We've helped agencies create custom 3d printed trophies, custom 3d printed props and other custom objects within time and budget.

For artists

With our industrial 3d printers, we can create 3d printed sculptures with smooth surface finish --- making it perfect for silicon molds or adding a different finishing such as metal plating or painting.

For makers

We've helped engineers and product makers turn their ideas into reality --- from rapid prototyping to manufacturing end products.

What our clients in Los Angeles say

  • PrintAWorld no doubt offers some of the best local 3d printing service in the country. I had a pleasure working with them in NY, then again when I moved to Los Angeles.

    Dustin M.

  • Top notch service! They recommended that I use resin instead of ABS for my engineering part, oh boy what a difference did it make.

    Ryan L.

3D printing materials that we offer

Looking for a material that isn't listed here? Shoot us an email at contact@prtwd.com

  • ABS

    ABS plastic is a strong and durable material. They're ideal for prototyping mechanical parts. For prototypes that require high-precision, consider CNC machining ABS or printing in other materials. For production parts, we suggest using injection molding instead.

  • Nylon PA12

    Nylons is a strong and durable material that is also flexible. Ideal for live hinges and functional parts.

  • Standard Resin

    Perfect for complex 3d models that require high details and smooth finishing.

  • SOMOS Resin

    SOMOS resin is the industrial version of standard resin. It's perfect for almost any 3d that require smooth finishing and high details. We recommend this material for any projects such as high-detailed models, architecture, art sculptures and engineering prototypes.

  • SOMOS Waterclear 10122 Resin

    Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122 is a clear resin that produces colorless, functional and accurate parts that simulate an acrylic appearance. Parts produced from Somos® WaterClear Ultra 10122 exhibit excellent water and temperature resistance.


How much does custom 3D printing cost?

Custom 3D printing can cost between $25 up to thousands of dollars depending on the size and volume of your 3D model. The 3D printing material used affects the price as well. At PrintAWorld, we use industrial SLA resin for our custom 3D printing as we believe it results in the best results for our clients. If you want to learn more, here's a breakdown of the cost of 3D printing.

Do you offer shipping in Los Angeles?

Yes. We offer shipping anywhere in Los Angeles, CA. Due to the pandemic, we highly encourage contactless delivery with our clients in Los Angeles.

What's the turnaround time?

It depends on the complexity of the project. For rushed orders, we can do it 1-2 Days.

Why don't you offer PLA?

Let's be honest, PLA sucks. For hobbyists, PLA might be a good option. But as professional 3D printing services, we refuse to recommend this type of plastic to our clients. The quality is not good and there are so many better materials out there now that you can use for your prototype. We only want the best for our customers and PLA doesn't cut it.