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Best Prop Houses in Los Angeles

January 31, 2021 (Last updated)

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5 of the best prop houses in LA

Universal Studios Lot

When it comes to anything to do with the big screen, ‘universal’ is recognized worldwide. It is therefore no surprise that Universal Studio’s prop house would make it on this list. With three showrooms that are nothing short of spacious, it offers a broad range of props for just about every need including prison and street set dressings, drapery, lights, hand props and furniture. In addition to offering props, it also has 39 aisles of rentable costumes available. Due to both demand and for health and safety reasons due to the ongoing pandemic, the props and costumes are available to be examined by appointment only.

Hand Prop Room

The Hand Prop Room does what it says on the tin – it specializes in hand props. For reference, hand props are either handheld objects used by actors or other items that are able to be carried by hand on and off a set. Hand Prop Room doesn’t just provide props. The first thing that it offers is research. They will search high and low to find the props that you want as well as to determine what you need. The second is authenticity – this means that if you want to find a vintage telephone for a particular country and time period, they will make sure you get exactly that. The last is searching – if they don’t have the prop you need in stock, they will search high and low until they find what you need. On top of this, Hand Prop Room can also manufacture any prop you need in their workshop. 

Modernica Props

Modernica Props boasts over 60,000 square feet of showroom space – definitely impressive. It specializes in items ranging from vintage to contemporary. On offer includes furniture, décor and artwork to truly make any set a work of art in itself. With over 15,000 items in stock, it is no minor player in the prop leagues when it comes to actors, producers and directors being able to dive in and find what they need.

Omega Cinema Props

For props that cover the industrial, institutional and commercial spectrum, Omega Cinema Props has got you covered. Beds, appliances and accessories – these are just a few of the types of prop that they have to offer, among others. If there is something among the furnishings that is not to your liking, Omega Cinema Props offers a custom upholstering service to make it better fit the mood and specifications that you want. 

Floral Prop Rental

This family-owned business specializes in what it says on the tin. Ideal for those looking to give a set a floral touch or for those looking to make their wedding have a crystalline and petal-decorated feel to it, Floral Prop Rental offers, among other things, centerpieces, arches and canopies and candelabras for a range of budgets and occasions.  All of its offerings are high-quality, picturesque and versatile. 

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