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Best Art Galleries in Los Angeles

January 29, 2021 (Last updated)

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5 of the best art galleries in Los Angeles, California

Anneberg Space for Photography

Hosting both digital and print photography, this compact gallery is exceptionally curated and the first creative destination in LA to solely focus on photography. With free admission, it offers high quality exhibits that rotate regularly. It is therefore advised to keep an eye on the galleries in order to keep every visit interesting and fresh. What it lacks for in size it makes up for in dedication to the art and craft of photography, recognizing it as the art that it truly is.

Hammer Museum

The Hammer Museum is devoted to both contemporary and historic works. Free admission allows you to browse the broad range of visual arts media to your heart’s content. It also hosts exhibitions that rotate on a scheduled basis, meaning that every visit has the potential for something new. It also puts on a range of public programs to get more people interested in art and creativity as a whole. In short, it is home to inspirational media for just about every type of artist out there.

Hollywood Sculpture Garden

Unlike the other galleries on this list, you are required to make an appointment to visit this residential gallery. The diligent host has curated a collection of unique modern and contemporary art and displayed it in such a way as to both blend into and complement the garden itself. With a global array of artists displayed, it is no wonder that this cultivated creative space has become popular for hosting parties and other formal events. It is always worth a visit to this tranquil space amidst the busy city life near to the Hollywood sign itself.

Artspace Warehouse

While the warehouse is devoted to art that is for sale, it also makes for a wonderful browsing experience. It showcases the work of local artists, so if you are looking for up and coming stars in the art world to take an interest in rather than artists who have already made a name for themselves, this gallery is the place to go. It hosts both European and US-based artists as well, making it an excellent place to go to broaden your artistic palette. 

Otis College of Art

The Otis College of Art is a place of education, with courses on the pricer end of the scale that are worth their weight in gold in what the creatives get out of them. On top of running summer programs for people interested in dipping their toe in, it also hosts exhibitions and displays from both current and previous studies. With up-to-date stylist buildings and a talented body of students, Otis College is ideal for storytellers, artists, illustrators and animators alike.

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