How much does a custom trophy cost?

Key takeaways:

Custom trophies can cost anywhere between $5- $1500 or even more. This will all depend on the type of trophy that you're looking for. Unique and fully custom trophies will cost somewhere between $150 - $1500 range, while pre-made trophies with minimal customization will cost around $5-$100

3D printed custom trophies

March 07, 2021 (Last updated)

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Trophies and awards have long been given to individuals, groups and even companies as a way of recognizing an achievement. Sports teams in particular popularized trophies in this way and since then, their use has diversified. 

Different Trophy Types and Costs

Trophies no longer come in one standard material or design. Developments in technology and metallurgy mean that they are able to become as original as the purpose for which they are being made, customizable in every aspect. 


Type of trophyPrice Range
Sports trophies$5 - $5k +
Acrylic awards$9.99 - $100 +
3D printed trophiesStarts at $150
Custom luxury awards$195 to $5,000
Championship trophiesVaries from $40,000 to $200,000

Sports Trophies

Price Range: – $5 to $5k+

Description – Sports trophies are commonly made from metals such as bronze, brass, silver, platinum and tin depending on the budget of the event. This will affect the cost as not only with the price of the raw material vary, but the work needed to go into customizing it to the event also needs to be considered. 

Use – Sports awards are essentially what they say on the metaphorical tin. They are awarded to the winners of various sporting events. Some trophies are made new for every contest whereas others are passed from one winner to the next. 


Acrylic Awards

Price Range – $9.99 to $100+ depending on complexity

acrylic awards
Acrylic Awards by CrownAwards

Description – Acrylic awards are made from a type of transparent plastic known as Perspex. What makes it so appealing to make awards and trophies from is that it is easy to fabricate, adhesive (making it easier to combine with other materials) and cheaper than glass or metal. This is particularly so if you are wanting to make multiple awards. It is also easy to customize, either with engraving or color printing on top.

In terms of manufacturing, it is estimated that a single trophy can take, on average, 10 – 14 days. Obviously this estimation can go up or down depending on the design and amount of detail that you request, in addition to how many you are ordering.

Use This type of custom award has a wide appeal, but often they are given within companies as awards for performance. Unlike sporting trophies that are more often passed from winner to winner depending on the trophy, acrylic awards are often affordable enough to produce as and when needed in a more on-demand manner. 

3D Printed Trophies

Price range – Starts at $150. The upper price of this range depends on how many trophies you want and the design complexity. 

3D printed trophies
These custom trophies for Dunkin' Donuts cost about $250 per trophy

At Printaworld, we will take you through the entire process of getting a custom trophy from finalizing a design (which you can either provide yourself or have us create) through to prototyping and the final printing. We can work to a deadline and use only the highest quality materials possible. 

Use – We've seen a number of forward-thinking companies use 3D printed trophies to celebrate their employees and their clients in small ways. With 3D printing, it's easy to create truly unique and personalized trophies that an awardee would appreciate. These companies are moving away from cheap-looking awards and more towards that celebrate both their brand and their employees.

Custom Luxury Awards

Price range – $195 on average upwards. Completely custom options are more expensive. 

gold plated custom luxury award
These 24k gold plated awards for Drake are in the +$1,000 range.

DescriptionCustom luxury awards are made to stand out and make an awardee feel truly special. These custom awards are sometimes made with 24k gold or designed with elegance in mind.

Use – Prestigious awards such as The Oscars, Golden Globes, etc.

Championship Trophies

Price range – Depends on the material and maker! The Vince Lombardi trophy, for example, more commonly known as the Super Bowl trophy, is worth an eye-watering $50,000 to produce

lombardi trophy
The Lombardi Trophy costs about $50,000

Description – Championship trophies, particularly those for sports that have gained international acclaim, can afford to put their money where there trophy is to make something that is truly unique. This trophy, for example, is nearly two foot tall and is made completely from scratch each year by Tiffy and co. This cost also means that as the trophy is new-made each year, the winners get to keep it. 

Use – Sporting events. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to custom trophies, there is an option to suit every budget and purpose out there. From acrylic trophies to give to someone who has made the most sales calls in your workteam through to trophies made from luxury materials that are famous worldwide, they truly are varied.