Fast Turnaround 3D Printing and Prototyping Service

PrintAWorld provides fast and high quality 3d prints so you can hit that pesky deadline without lowering your bottomline. We're capable of doing 1-day turnarounds for select projects. And we can print models up to 2ft.

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Get it fast

Our process is 10x faster than traditional fabrication methods. What would take months of hand sculpting would only take weeks with our 3d artists and our large scale 3d printing capabilities.

Large scale 3D prints

We have one of the largest SLA printers in the industry. We can 3d print up to 600 mm x 600mm x 500 mm (23.6" x 23.6" x 19.7"). This is 4x larger than what 3D Hubs or other companies can produce.

High quality

Our industrial 3d printers can print high resolution models with ease. We also spend time polishing your prints so you don't have to.

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How it works

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    Upload your 3D file

    Upload your 3D files and see how much they cost without signing up!

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    Get our approval in minutes.

    We'll determine if your file is good for printing or if there's anything we can do to optimize it for printing.

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    Start printing

    Once everything is paid, we'll start printing your model. You can pick it up at our local studio or have it delivered to you.


Tough resin

Tough Resin simulates the feel and many of the important mechanical properties of ABS plastic. Consider using this material for works-like prototypes and assemblies, including designs with snap fit joints and living hinges. For further finishing, Tough resin can also be machined once printed.

Standard Resin

Fine details and the basic resin for modeling and prototyping. Sharp edges and smooth finish. Great for small and complex projects. Comes in multiple colors.


Somos resin is an fast printing material that produces high quality parts with great details. The final finishing is outstanding and almost achieve the industry injection plastic quality. It is perfect for building end-use parts or prototypes for functional testing applications

What our clients say

I had an emergency project and got it done at PrintAWorld. I appreciate their sense of urgency, attention to detail, and professional execution of 3D graphic/ printing. The team has superb graphic skills. Communication with them was super easy. I highly recommend PrintAWorld's service.

- Amanda L.

Google Review

PrintAWorld does exceptional work. Great quality, quick turnaround times, and awesome customer service. Can't say enough about their work. Will definitely recommend using them.

- Richard M.

Google Review

I'm a big fan of PrintAWorld. I've been 3d printing with them for almost a year now and really like their quality. I think it's different from other 3dprint places where you submit your file and go pick it up. This is more than that, they really care about your work and get in touch, tell you how your works gonna turn out or even edit the file for you! The quality really smooooth and look exactly like what I expected. Their service's great and I always get my models on time. Not to mention they reply your emails faster than your friends lol. Raymond Wang is really nice.

- Anita R.

Google Review


Can you 3D print metal?

Yes and no. We are able to 3D print steel. But for other types of metal such as gold, silver or copper, we 3D Print your model first and then metal plate it.

Can you 3D print large objects?

Yes! We have 3d printed projects that go up to 6 feet high. Check out our large scale 3d printing service page for more information.

How much does it cost to 3D Print?

The cost of a 3D Print varies on multiple things. The size of print, materials used and the labor hours used to clean up the print. You can send us a CAD file and we can give you a quote. If you don't have the CAD file, send us some pictures and we can try to have a rough estimation.