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The Best 3D Printing YouTube Channels To Follow In 2020

June 23, 2020 (Last updated)

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The Best 3D Printing YouTube Channels To Follow In 2020

Let's face it, 3D printing is pretty darn amazing! You get to create stunning real-life objects, from practically thin air (and a bit of filament).

So, it's no surprise that as 3D printing becomes more and more popular, hordes of people are starting to look for guidance, tutorials, and inspiration for some of the clever things that they could be doing with their printers.

And when it comes to this sort of content, YouTube comes to mind almost instantly. But among the overwhelming number of creators out there on the platform, picking out the ones who really know their stuff (and do amazing things with that knowledge) can prove to be a bit of a challenge.

So today, let's talk about the 3 most popular 3D printing YouTube channels – all to help give you a bit of inspiration, guidance, and know-how from some of the top folks in the industry!

Our 3 Favorite 3D Printing YouTube Channels

1. Make:

With over 1.64 Million subscribers, "Make:" is one of the most popular 3D printing channels on the web, period. Running in parallel with the Make Magazine, this channel adds a strong visual component to some of the amazing projects that they undertake. 

However, their content isn't just limited to 3D printing. They also do a fair bit of laser cutting, CNC milling, Arduino programming, and more.

Country & Language: United States (English)

Subscriber Count: 1.64 Million

Video Uploads: Over 5 Videos Per Week

Check out Make: on YouTube!

2. 3D Printing Nerd

Joel at the 3D Printing Nerd is one of the most vibrant YouTube personalities in the 3D printing space. If you're keen to see 3D printers reviewed, in-depth tutorials, and a whole tonne of whacky and interesting 3D printing experiments, this is definitely the channel for you.

Country & Language: United States (English)

Subscriber Count: 407 Thousand

Video Uploads: 2 Videos Per Week

Check out 3D Printing Nerd on YouTube!

3. The Maker's Muse

The Maker's muse believes in empowering creativity through modern technological advances. This is why the majority of their content is focused around reviewing the latest technologies available, with a few fun sprinkles seeded in between the regular programming too.

If you're on the hunt for the best 3D printer out there, the Maker's Muse could be an invaluable resource thanks to their fair and unbiased reviews, breakdowns and comparisons.

Country & Language: Australia (English)

Subscriber Count: 618 Thousand

Video Uploads: 1 Video Per Week

Check out The Maker's Muse on YouTube!

Closing Thoughts

3D printing is an exciting and fulfilling creative outlet. And as they say, when creative minds band together – amazing things happen!

In today's article, we've introduced you to the 3 best 3D printing channels available on YouTube. Whether you're looking for detailed step-by-step printing guides, fair product reviews, and even industry insights – the channels we're mentioned have got it all.

So get out there, get inspired, and create to your heart's content!

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