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Designer Vinyl Toy Production

Making your designer toy idea into production is not easy. You either need a large amount of minimum orders or enormous capital to get started. We're here to change that. From custom vinyl toys, plastic or even resin toys, we can make it.

Recent work

These are some of the projects that we helped our clients make.

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How it works


The key to creating something meaningful such as a designer toy is to build it with the end users in mind. We start by learning about your brand, your end users and what your end goal is for this project. We all want to make a toy that will make a lasting impression and that happens through learning.


Once we have a good undertanding of your project, we can help you come up with a toy concept that is unique, beautiful and relatable to your audience.

Design & Prototyping

With our expertise in 3D Modeling and 3D Printing, we can quickly create a prototype of your toy concept.

Production & Quality Control

Once we have the final iteration of the prototype, we can start mass producing your designer toy. We're able to handle huge quantities while keeping the quality high and consistent throughout the production process.


Once we have inspected every toy's quality and packed, we can deliver it to you or directly to your fans anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to make your first designer toy?