Laser Cutting and Engraving Services

Fast, affordable and high quality laser cutting service. Perfect for your next project, product or prototype.

laser cut architecture layering

Why choose PrintAWorld for laser cutting and engraving in NYC

  • Get expert help.

    New to laser cutting? No problem! We'll advise you on how to get your laser cutting project done right.

  • We're detail-oriented.

    Need your project done in a certain way? We've worked with artists with very specific instructions on how to laser cut their work. We'll do the same for you!

  • Fast turnaround.

    We offer same-day laser cutting as long as your provide the materials. You can drop it off to our Queens, NYC studio.

How our laser cutting service in New York City works.

  1. 1
    Create the design file.

    We accept vector files such as .svg, .dxf and .dwg. If you don't have a design file ready, we also offer design services starting at $65.

  2. 2
    Request for quote

    Let us know important details such as materials you'd like to use, size, thickness and any special instructions regarding your project.

  3. 3
    We'll start cutting.

    Once approved, we'll start cutting or engraving based on your specifications. Once done, you can pick it up at our Queens studio or we can have it shipped to your location.

Our laser cutter

We have a powerful and large laser cutting machine capable of handling any type of projects.

  • Can laser cut materials up to 40" by 28"

  • Can cut through acrylic or wood up to 1/4" thick

  • Can cut and engrave with precision for hours with zero downtime.

Materials we can laser cut


Wood engraving and laser cutting is a staple here at PrintAWorld. We've done projects for artists and engineers alike.


At PrintAWorld, we can laser cut acrylic which is a very durable material and perfect for any projects.


Do you need to laser cut leather, glass(etching), delrin, marble, fiberglass? Name it and we can probably laser cut or engrave it.

Paper & Card

Here are some of the things we can laser cut here: cardboard, chipboard, card stock, museum board

Who is our laser cutting service in New York for

For NYC Students

Is your school's laser cutter too small? Too slow? Or always booked?

At PrintAWorld, we can help you finish your project in no time. Plus, we offer student discounts!

For makers and artists

Have a crazy idea? Looking for a rapid prototype? Or a cheaper fabrication option compared to 3D printing in NY?

Say no more. Our laser cutting service has you covered.

For brands

Stand out of the competition with custom engraved giveaways for your most loyal fans.

Ready to laser cut your project?


Do you provide the laser cutting material?

For rushed projects, we prefer that the client send or bring it to us in our studio as it's impossible for us to stock all possible materials out there. If the project complex and would take time to cut, we can provide the material for the client.

Where are you located in New York?

We have two offices, Brooklyn and Queens, New York. However, our laser cutting is done in our Queens facility. Here's the google map direction where you can drop off the materials.

Can I visit your studio?

Yes! But first, you need to schedule an appointment with us. You can email us at