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5 Simple Steps to Selling Never-Before-Seen Print on Demand Products

March 06, 2020 (Last updated)

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Never before seen print on demand products are on-demand these days. Before, print on demand products like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases were popular. But the competition is tough. You have to be creative and create never before seen print on demand products. And to create something unique, you need to use 3D printing. With 3D printing, you can create anything you can imagine. Of course, you would have to create something your potential clients would love. If you’re eager to get something created, then you should contact the best 3D printing in NYC.

Don’t worry. It’s not easy creating never before seen print on demand products. You will have to take some time before creating one. After you create one you will need help to sell the products. Selling them might look like a daunting task but I’ll break down five simple steps you need to follow for your products to be successful in the market.

Request A Quote

Ok! You have ideas and want to learn more about how your products will be designed, created, packaged and shipped to you directly. You can start by getting the quote form and selecting what you need to have done.

If you have the file ready you can let the company know about it. If you don’t have the design ready, you can learn more from the company on what needs to be done.

Afterward, your order will begin to be processed.

Product Breakdown

Even if you have or don’t have the 3D file of your product, it is important to discuss with the 3D printing company on what should be done. You should talk about the type of products you want to design, customization and marketing feedback to help with designing new products in the future.

If you get overwhelmed, no need to fret. You can ask for assistance and you will be helped. Always remember you’re doing something great and exciting.

3D Design

Here is where you let the 3D printing company do most of the work. The designers will be ready to bring your idea to life. 

The designers will start 3d sculpting your idea based on the sketches and inspirations that you provided. Once that's approved, that they will go ahead and start 3d printing your design.

What if you already have a 3d design?

That's great! You can send it to the 3d printing company for approval. But take note that not all 3d models can be printed. First, they have to be modified and fixed in a format that will make it printable. Because sometimes these models have walls that are too thin, non-connecting edges and other sorts of issues that will cause problems during printing.

Storefront Integration

Connecting your eCommerce store with the 3D printing company might sound complicated and difficult but it isn’t. 

Companies like Shapeways allow you to connect your existing Etsy shop to their on-demand 3d printing service.

But if you're looking for a different approach, then you need to use an eCommerce shipping software. The most popular one is ShipStation.

Why do you need to use ShipStation?

ShipStation is an advanced eCommerce shipping software with numerous available storefront integrations. It means you can also sell your products immediately.

With integration all sorted, it’s time to market and sell your 3D printed merchandise. 

It’s important to remember to create the best unique 3D printed products to be successful. 3D printing is sustainable and affordable. If you’re thinking about getting your next product or merchandise created using 3D printing, then you should definitely check out PrintAWorld:


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