Starting at $65 Laser cut your project in no time.

Need to hit that pesky deadline? Or does your project need a large laser cutting bed? We got you covered! We ship anywhere or you can pick it up at our NYC facility.

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Large laser cutting bed

Our laser cutting machine can cut sheets up to 40"x28". And it's powerful enough to cut sheets with a thickness of up to 1/4"

Fast turnaround

Bring us the materials and we can laser cut them for you right away.

Get expert help

We'll help you every step of the way from fixing your file to figuring out the best way to get your project done within budget and time.

How it works

  1. 1
    Submit your requirements

    Let us know how you want your project engraved or cut. And any details you would like us to know.

  2. 2
    Order the materials

    We can order them for you so you can rest easy. Or you can have it dropped off or delivered to our location.

  3. 3
    Start cutting and engraving

    Once we have your materials, we’ll start your project right away.

  4. 4
    Pickup or delivery

    You can pick it up at our Queens location or you can have it delivered.



At PrintAWorld, we can laser cut acrylic which is a very durable material and perfect for any projects.


Wood engraving and laser cutting is a staple here at PrintAWorld. We've done projects for artists and engineers alike.

Paper & Card

Here are some of the things we can laser cut here: cardboard, chipboard, card stock, museum board

The Process

This is our normal workflow but if you need it done in 2 or 3 days, we can do it. (as long as it’s reasonable)

Machine setup

We set up the machine

Need it rushed? Give us a call or email and we'll respond right away.

Materials we can laser cut and engrave

  • opaque
  • translucent
  • transparent
  • mirrored
  • basswood
  • plywood
  • veneer
  • birch ply
  • hardboard
  • mdf
Paper & Card
  • card stock
  • museum board
  • chipboard
  • card board

....and many more!


Do you laser cut metal?

Sadly, we don't.

Some of our client projects


Art & Sculpture

Brand campaigns